The rope climbing park construction is subject to regulations according to the norm PN-EN 15567 “Sports and leisure facilities – Rope routes”. Before being put into service, a facility of each type must pass an audit confirming the correctness of the realization compliant to the current standards.
The rope climbing park is assumed to be a place thousands of clients will visit during the season. There is no doubt that their safety is our priority. That is the reason why maintaining the park in a good technical condition over subsequent years is a crucial issue which reduces the possibility of an accident to the minimum.
Possession of a valid inspection paper is in the interest of the rope park manager. This document authenticates the facility in the eyes of potential users and is an indicator of a professional and reliable approach to safety issues.
Therefore, our company offers as-built maintenance and annual technical reviews of the rope parks which allows preparation of the facility before the upcoming season. It is a full inspection of the wearing of particular construction elements, clamping force of the platforms around trees, and the tension of security and bearing ropes. If necessary, we renovate or replace particular elements so that the whole construction fulfills the current safety requirements. Our performance criteria are based on general European norms and our experience has been gained during the execution of projects in Poland and Sweden.

In addition, our company offers:
– any work at heights using rope access techniques
– tree-care services
– dendrological expertise (which is the basis for the proper design and construction of the park)
– rope parks staff training in terms of rope techniques and high altitude rescue

All of the abovementioned services are provided by highly qualified staff with the necessary qualifications and many years of experience in their job.

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